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Happ Core Digital Empathy & Social Happiness Graph apk

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We believe that in days of new computerized and distant ways of communications, emotional connection between people dese

We believe that in days of new computerized and distant ways of communications, emotional connection between people deserves a special treatment. Especially between friends and family. Nothing can make your family more happy as a simple knowledge of you being happy, and vice versa. We represent a simple feature to stay emotional connected with those who matters the most: family, friends, may be colleagues, teammates.. Custom and collective happiness graph is the way to go.
Take a minute for global look in geolocation happiness index terms: “Happ Core” — the ultimate social integrity and analytical tool to save the world — Pleasure to meet you! Social happiness graph. And we believe that happiness really matters.
So we unite people around the world, to collectively reflect on the information, placing it on the happiness curve of the society.
Remember recent annexation of Crimea by Russia, how did locals really fill about it? How do we know? Elsewhere from news media? Which is hell of reliability. Real-time happiness index being put on a graph and map, representing distributed information collected from local citizens and unchained of any government, could show us a real picture.
Or US presidential elections? Could we have any substantial information but endless twitts and tv arguing, which will fall into oblivion not later than tomorrow. Is there any genuine tools made by history of humankind, that can sum up the chaos of words and video reels, may it be a numeral and a graph? Meet Happ Core.
Needless to say of any ecological issues. Are rebellions and protests bringing fire and blood really look like innovative concepts? How far have we came from those that took place thousands of years ago. Petitions are better, right. Still may be its time for some social and cultural innovation in this fields.
Map representation of social mood and happiness index curve itself grants people an opportunity to be heard — to show and fix, how specific political or ecological events makes them feel. Disputes and arguing are destructive and leed nowhere or worth with no analytical base.
When the whole world is talking of building of a sustainable future, really how can we build anything sustainable for human beings, if we can measure how our decisions effect our lives — live of the society? Hell of a rhetorical question.
All in all, what an opportunity to create a history attributed by a happiness parameter. To send a message, tell a story, warn of mistakes. Will it be really important for our descendants, how big a gdp of our countries once were? Won’t they once laugh on us?

We truly believe the mood of a man plays an essential role in his life. As the collective mood of people plays a crucial role in the whole world, we are inspired by the idea to graphically present it in real-time on the map, similar to weather – so we create the geolocation mood index and its history.
With all the gratitude for internet itself, making endless people closer to each other online, we feel, how at the same time internet is enlarging the distance between those, who appears to be nearby in fact.
In this case we suggest our geolocation chat as a tool to get in touch with those who matters the most – people surrounding you. Imagine air filled with thoughts, attributed with a mood? – Here we go! – absolutely anonymous. Share your mood with the world! – Get a feedback or support someone in time of need! – share your thoughts and get to know the most relevant information around or on the other side of the planet. It is so much fun! – Take time and discover!
Real-time dynamic heat maps of mood emissions, waiting for you, filled with users’ messages and emotions.
Think and analyze it! – Geolocation mood index is a very significant and aggregated indicator for any type of correlation from politics to weather.
Check on how many people are at a place and how do they really feel.
Watch on your neighborhood happiness index changes, plan your day and have fun!

Download APK(1.7.5)

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