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How to Pray – The Prayer apk

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“DOWNLOAD THE NEW VERSION AS PRAY!Install this app, how to pray so that you discover how to approach God and feel that w


Install this app, how to pray so that you discover how to approach God and feel that whenever you raise a prayer to your heavenly father, your creator, he will answer you as his word says in Jeremiah 33: 3 “ Cry to me, And I will answer thee and reveal to thee great and inaccessible things, which thou knowest not. Version reina valera 1960.

How to Pray

The whole content of this book is based on the Bible and the biblical quotations are specified.

Learning how to pray is simple, just open your heart like a book open to God, confess everything you have in your heart and express it as you do with a love, without fear because it is Jesus who loves you and God who has it Better for you, In that intimacy with the Eternal God the power of prayer is unleashed.

You will find in this application how to pray that will guide you to the bible online in a single app,

God bless you and answer those requests that you make.
Download the application and learn how to pray effectively.
Prayer to Jesus
Powerful Prayers.
How to pray to god
How to pray correctly
How to pray with faith
How to pray well
How to pray correctly
Christian Chat
Christian religion

You will know that your life on this earth is no accident, you are not a human error. God created you with a special purpose which you will discover by means of this application in your device.

You will be able to enjoy audio with stations of Christian music and gospel, in which you will be able to listen to several subjects like preaching, the life of jesus, cain and abel, songs of Christian artists like jesus adrian romero, marks witt, alex campos, marcela gandara, cristine D clairo, marcos barrietos, third heaven and much more that you discover in the stations that contains this app of how to pray prayer is the means by which we can communicate with God and understand that his love is perfect and covers all our faults.

You will understand and you can say Jesus In you I trust, and you will know that God loves you and you can say Jesus I love you. This relationship that established and took value in the cross of Calvary encourages you to be able to move forward

The life of Jesus, will change your life, through the bible you will discover its powerful blessings every day, you will understand that only jesus bread of life and that the love of jesus
Is the only one that can transform your life and that of the people you love. He with his great power will guide you to a better life and to understand why you are in this world

It deals with topics such as:

* Steps to follow in a relationship with God
* How to Pray
* Because praying
* Benefits
* Counseling
* The importance of prayer to alone with God and the benefits of this.
* Simple Tips for Praying
* The right reasons to seek God
* Prayer-related commandments
* Reasons to pray
* The role of the Holy Spirit

After you begin in this process you will know that it is necessary to have knowledge of the Bible, the word of God, and this you will learn in Biblical Theology, you will go to a new level looking for Jesus and you will know that Christ lives.

After you have this knowledge, the holy spirit will touch your heart and motivate you to study the word of God from genesis to apocalypse,
Also the psalms, proverbis, ecclesiastes, the new and the old testament, books of the vladia, pentateuco, the greater prophets, minor prophets, poetic, of revelation the letters of the apostles, mateo, Marcos, Lucas, Juan, the twelve disciples . You will understand why Adam and Eve are our first parents, such as Moises, Elias, David, Daniel, Samuel and warrior women like Maria, Esther, Rebecca, Sara, Elizabeth and many more patriots in the history of Christianity.

Download this app so that your life in relationship fears a change, as praying will lead you to have a change that everyone will notice in you and that you will give living testimony of what God can do with a person who enters his heart.”

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